SUMMA is an Equal Opportunity Employer . Qualified applicants are considered for employment regardless of gender, race, color, religion, or national origin.


Summa's mission is to develop processes in order to consist, motivate, develop, reward and to provide the continulty of required work power complying with is vision and strategies and to ensure its impelementation in general.


As Summa, we are dynamic, hardworking, honest, fair, sharing, innovative and modest team and respectful to laws and general customs of the countries which we are working for. We never approach in political, religious and ideological manner and establish the future of our institution by our trust towards friendship and to our employers.

Selection and Placement.

It's aimed to select staff, with the capacity of development and qualifitications required for the position to be employed, to contribute to the purposes and development targets of Summa as well as providing them of employ in optimum efficiency and ensuring  their loyalty for the company as individuals is also required, it is essential to utilize from  modern techniques in personnel selection.

Candidates should have the bellow given general qualifications to employed in Summa:

* To have adequate level of knowledge and ambility required for the position.
* To be found sufficient in terms of employment evaluation criteria.
* To be found competent in terms of employment criteria due to the investigation to be performed by Human Resources Group.

Regarding the competence of the personnel for Summa as well the issue about as to whether they posses required qualifications or not, a general evaluation shall be completed by the Human Resources.



Promotion is bringing personnel to a higher position within Summa organization. For this implementation, the personnel should have the following qualifications;

* Obtain adequate mark after evalution of the personnel
* Have worked for at least 6 months within in Summa Organization.
* Have individual abilities required for the position and occupational experience.
* The higher position should be available.
* Penalities against promotion should not be inflicted.


Personnel can be assigned for duties in various countries in case required By Summa. Personnel have also right to demand for a country change. Office change can be from Head offices to Site offices according to the requirements of the work.