Vision And Mission


Summa is established to undertake all kinds of turn-key construction projects, such as public buildings and housing projects, business and shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, health care and resort complexes, industrial buildings and facilities, construction and rehabilitation of motor ways, airports, channels, irrigation , water supply and other infrastructure networks as well as power transmission lines, pipelines, dams and land reclamation projects.

Acting as International Group of Companies Summa provides contractual services all over the world, specialized in construction projects requiring high technology, knowledge and courage. Summa is a brand name firm, present in five continents with offices and construction sites.

Summa is able to carry out its operations in eight different time zones and in harsh climate conditions varying from -50°C and +50°C.


The mission of SUMMA GROUP was announced in the Quality Maintenance Policy of the company registered with ISO as follows:

Following international standards and implementing the modern approach to quality management, the company works systemically and is open to innovations, believing in importance of institutionalizing;

With an ever-present conviction in its ability to do better, the company always verifies its high performance and perfects itself;

Keen to satisfy its clients and to invest into human resources;

Flexible and dynamic organization structure, created through an adequate distribution of assignments, competences and responsibilities, ensures high performance due to effective and rapid decision making mechanism;

The company increases its productivity, follows closely industrial methods of development and applies the most up-to-date technologies;

Supporting education, art and culture, the company also contributes to the public social activities;

The company cooperates with relevant international expert groups and submits financial package solutions to its clients.