Summart, an independent non-profit organization, was established with the goal of enhancing creative potential and artistic synergy with co-art projects with national and international institutions, galleries, museums, universities, art foundations as well as other similar institutions.

Summart, an interdisciplinary arts platform embracing visual arts, performance arts, music and literature, is a meeting point that brings together musicians, collectors, art consultants, curators, critics, academicians, galleries, museums, art foundations, writers, journalists, art lovers as well as local and foreign artists. Summart offers a wide range of high quality concerts, stage performances, conferences, plays and exhibitions. Characterized as a well-balanced and harmonious synthesis of visual and musical arts, Summart is intended to operate as a space where art lovers and friends can enjoy each other’s company at the end of a busy work day and enjoy and breathe art.The Bora Family Collection, a curated selection of the contemporary figurative art from Turkey and around the world, is also presented at Summart. For more information, visit