Oyala Government Building

Government of Equatorial Guinea
Contract Type
Design & Build Turnkey
Starting Date
June 2012
Completion Date
July 2013
Construction Area
23,750 m2
Site Area
39,800 m2
Uysalkan Architects

President of Republic of Equatorial Guinea

''I congratulate the Turkish Company "SUMMA”, its subcontractors, material suppliers and all local and foreign workers who took part in realisation of this landmark construction project "Oyala Government Palace” which is one of the first major accomplishment in the new city of Equatorial Guinea.

I sincerely wish that the decision making members of the Government will use these premises efficiently to serve the people of Equatorial Guinea which will ensure to bring prosperity to our country as well as to the region.''



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President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, by the end of June 2011 requested for a meeting at his office at a date right after the 17th African Union Summit was hosted by Equatorial Guinea which took place at the recently built Sipopo Congress Center. The president was very straight forward and declared his satisfaction with the event and the positive comments he received from other guests regarding the quality of construction and other related aspects of the building. 

As the general contractor of the building we were highly honored to hear such pleasant statements from the Head of State. It was very unusual to hear, from a President of a Country, an appreciation of this kind which made us realise that he was different than others. We realised that President Obiang was a very sincere person with a very humble and open way of emphasizing his thoughts. That moment he made us feel like we are a part of the same destiny. 

During the meeting he asked us to continue our efforts in Equatorial Guinea and convinced us to expect more opportunities. By the beginning of 2012 we were awarded with the construction of "Oyala Government Palace” a project you will soon discover in this book by flipping the pages one after the other. OYALA the sample vision for AFRICA: "HORIZON 2020” A dream became true! When President Obiang set a target to build a new city called OYALA in 2007, people around the world could not really imagine when it was going to be realised.

But most important were the targets:

- Invest in strengthening economic growth
- Strengthen the developments of structured investments
- Promote and strengthen the social policy actions
- Ensure a transparent social climate
- Develop the prospects for better monitoring and evaluation of poverty and living conditions of household

And here we are! Horizon 2020. The target was set! The new development "the new city Djibloho” has begun rising along with the principles set for Horizon 2020. Highways, roads, bridges, streets, water, sewage, drainage, electricity; all the buildings of different purposes; everything was being build. And today we are proud to be a part of such vision. Today, roughly 1(one) year after the assignment was given; The "Oyala Government Palace” is ready to serve for the people of Equatorial Guinea.

In this building very crucial decisions are going to be taken for the benefit and well being of Equatorial Guinean people and people around Africa and the World will follow very closely how a Leadership and a Nation can become a sample model for the rest of developing countries and it’s people... "Long live Equatorial Guinea!”

Thank you, President Obiang, for your vision and leadership. 

Selim Bora
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